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MOC Startup Ideas | ‘Content Studio’ for Content Creators

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Freelancer Content Creator Startup Ideas

Disclaimer: Mad over Content team has put up this information based on online  and internal research done by our team. We do not claim the accuracy of any data provided in the below article, the data or any claims furnished in this article in the form of numbers, charts, images, tables, etc are based on our research and certain assumptions.  Please use the information only for reference purposes and do not consider it absolute. 

Business Plan of "Content Studio'

Content Studio Startup

Photos and videos are the growing trend these days, people are creating content more than ever. Many content creators are earning a living and have chosen content creation as a full-time job. Content is in the form of knowledge & skill sharing, selfies, food, travel and lifestyle and more. 

According to reports, Instagram has crossed the 50 billion mark for photos uploaded till date on the platform (Jan 2022). It is also noted that over 1075 photos are uploaded on instagram every second, which translates to 92million photos taken each day.  Youtube uploads 500 hours of content every minute, which translates to 30000 hours in an hour. To put this in perspective it is like watching 8000 hollywood movies in a day, rather, 8000 movies long content gets uploaded on youtube daily. Udemy, a platform for online courses, has over 1000,000 uploaded on the platform 

In this edition of Mad over Content startup ideas, we are going to discuss a business plan for the people addicted to Content Creation. Content Studio

One-Line Business Definition

Content Studio is a studio for content creators where they can curate, shoot, edit and publish content on social media.  

Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Creating online content at home demands certain skills, equipment, ambience, a helping hand and more importantly a quiet place so as to deliver appealing content. 

Business Introduction

What is a 'Content Studio'?

Services of Content Studio

‘Content ’ startup idea by Mad Over Content aims to create a recording studio for content creators, where the content creator could book a slot in a day at the studio and record the content from the ‘Content ’ studio. The team at ‘content ’ shall set up the studio backdrop, shoot the video / photo with the help of professionals, edit the content (video, images and audio) to meet the creator’s need and also schedule the publishing on various social media platforms. Content  shall also help monitor and grow the creator’s reach on social media platforms.

For Whom is a 'Content Studio' for ?

Target Audience for Content Creator Studio

The target audience for this startup  are indoor content creators with certain niche, like, 

Types of Content Creators on social media for “content  

  • Industry Experts & Teachers  
  • Cooking channels
  • Product launch & Reviewers
  • Artists
  • Podcasters

Where is the 'Content Studio' available?

Customer Touch points for content studio

The physical franchise studio could be set up at multiple locations within a city where content creators can easily travel and create their content. Content  will also create a community of content creators both online and physical meetups on a regular basis for brand collabs and knowledge sharing. 

Market Introduction for Content Studio

Total Market Size

Billion USD

Assumptions for Market size Calculation

  1. If Every hour of content uploaded costs 100USD and Just youtube alo[ne has a total market potential of 25 Billion USD. and other platforms like Insta, udemy, etc will easily triple this number. 
  2. Companies like UPWork, Freelancer has a revenue of 350 mi USD and 30miUSD respectively
  3. It is estimated that there are 50million content creators in Social media platforms like Youtube, Insta, FB etc. According to estimates this number is expected to grow to 100million in next 5 years
  4. Image / Video editing platforms like Canva, Vimeo, Filmora has close to 70-200 million active users. They only cater to editing needs of the content creators. 
  5. A Content creator spends 10,000 -2,00,000 INR for equipment like Camera/phone, recording device, ligring. Sound proofing, Tripods, and most importantly time during pre & post production. Which is not their forte. 

Competition for an 'Content Studio'

Competition for Content Studio
  • Freelance communities – Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc 
  • Hyper local Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Local Photo/videographers

Digital Analytics

Industry Search Data (Volume, CPC, LTV)

Keyword Research Agencies in India
Data Published by as on Jan 2022
KeywordVolCPC ($)Cmp
fiverr5 milRs33.460.18
freelancer2.24 milRs35.690.38
upwork jobs49500Rs39.410.36
upwork profile6600Rs38.660.19
upwork jobs for beginners4400Rs26.020.44 login0Rs0.000
video editing jobs online2400Rs42.380.46
upwork video editing1300Rs3020.19
video editing jobs work from home1300Rs43.870.44
video editing jobs for beginners390Rs39.410.36
freelance video editor salary260Rs35.690.04
freelance video editing work from home170Rs30.480.4
freelance video editor india0Rs0.000
freelance video editor near me0Rs0.000
social media content creator5400Rs5290.57
online content creator1000Rs3840.45
best content creators590Rs2730.2
types of content creators590Rs3400.07
content creators on instagram320Rs2960.23
famous content creators260Rs3390.06

Product / Service Introduction

Key Features

  • Photo / Video Studio with proper lighting & Sound proofing 
  • Modular Kitchen / Class-room / Yoga Studio Setup 
  • In-house Photo and video editors
  • In-house Digital Marketing support
  • Community Forums discussions and collabs
Blog Content Writers in INdia

Marketing Strategies

  1. Influencer marketing Community Engagement
  2. Local City Job creation through Courses on Digital MArketing, 

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