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MOC Startup Ideas | Aphrodisiac Flower Shop

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Startup business Ideas in India

Disclaimer: Mad over Content team has put up this information based on online  and internal research done by our team. We do not claim the accuracy of any data provided in the below article, the data or any claims furnished in this article in the form of numbers, charts, images, tables, etc are based on our research and certain assumptions.  Please use the information only for reference purposes and do not consider it absolute. 

MOC Startup Ideas | Aphrodisiac Flower Shop

Aphrodisiac Flower shop Startup ideas

Flowers play an integral part in our culture. They are an essential element of weddings, festivals and any auspicious day. Flowers also play significant role in humans most desired emotion of being loved. We offer flowers to friends, family members, parents and yea your partner. 

Many scientific studies claim that flowers do not just look pleasing to the eyes, but also has medicinal values reducing our stress levels and in some cases even works as an aphrodisiac. There are many exotic flowers which has been used as an aphrodisiac across the world. Some of the most commonly available aphrodisiac flowers are  Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, sunflower, etc. 

In this article we shall see the potential business case of an Aphrodisiac Flower shop. 

Business Definition

Reducing stress levels of modern-day-lifestyle using fragrance. 

Problem Statement

Flower shop startup ideas in India

Fast paced lifestyle and lockdown conditions have caused excessive stress levels amongst all age group of people causing various health and sexual related problems. Certain Flowers being an excellent stress reliever can help people get back to their normal lifestyle and enjoy life. 

Business Introduction

What is an Aphrodisiac flower shop ?

A flower shop which sells flowers with medicinal properties. The flowers have the following benefits. 

  1. Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  2. Aphrodisiac properties
  3. Improves sleep disorder
  4. Headache & Migraine treatment
  5. Improves labour discomforts
  6. Purifies air and prevents bacteria and fungus 

Possible Health conditions treated by flowers 

  1. Insomnia
  2. Asthma
  3. Fatigue
  4. Depression
  5. Erectile dysfunction
  6. Arthritis

For Whom is an Aphrodisiac flower shop for ?

Target audience for flower shops

The target audience for this startup  are married people, old age, people with sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, etc. in business-to-business deals our target audience includes honeymoon resorts, spa & Parlour, HNI households, corporate offices, managed residential and commercial gardens, Wedding planners, Doctors clinic and hospitals.    

Where is the aphrodisiac flower shop available?

Target Group customers for Flower shop startup

Aphrodisiac flower shop primarily shall reach its customers through online E-Commerce platforms and also retail outlets across major metro-cities in shopping malls, airports, Luxury Hotels and resorts, hospitals. 

How is an aphrodisiac flower shop planning to acquire customers and sell its products?

Primary means to reach customers will be through Social media promotions and physical presence at high end markets within metro-cities like malls, airports, etc.  Our products shall be available as plants and bouquets in both bulk and independent orders,  

Market Introduction

Total Market Size

Billion INR

Assumptions for Market size Calculation

  1. 660Billion INR data is according to market size data of floriculture in india. Though, this data is for flowers consumed for festivals, religious places and also domestic consumption. This gives an indication of the strength of the market locally. 
  2. Around 20,000 weddings were conducted in 2020 in Delhi alone. Which gives a fair indication of close to 2,00,000 marriages in metros alone.
  3. India claims to have 250 million active couples. 
  4. Considering the B2B segments and also other target audiences this number could be more than 3times the estimates. 

Competition for an Aphrodisiac Flower shop

Primary competition for us would be Body Shops (scents, room fresheners and deodorants) as we cater to the aroma industry. 

We aren’t considering retail flower shops as we our products shall be slightly premium and will be expensive. 

Digital Analytics

Industry Search Data (Volume, CPC, LTV)

Keyword Research Agencies in India
Monthly Search Vol (Dec 2021)
Monthly Search Vol (Feb 2021)

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Product / Service Introduction

Key Features

  • Exotic Flowers from across various parts of the world shall be available
  • Flowers are available in bouquets and pots for retail and wholesale in online and physical stores. 
  • Available for annual subscription model Birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, mothers day, etc. 
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Marketing Strategies

  1. Influencer marketing 
  2. Content Marketing through social media
  3. Retail outlets in Honeymoon destinations
  4. Celebrity Endorsements.
  5. Retail take away counters in Hospitals, Malls, theatres  
  6. Tie-ups with event management companies
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