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Why is CONTENT MARKETING a MUST for SMEs & Startups

According to World Economic Forum, Small and Medium Business (SMB) saw a phenomenal Jump of 32% Growth during Pandemic

 In USA,’ 30 million SMBs accounted for close to 65% of net new private sector jobs in recent decades. 

Top 10 countries for startups in India

Major Drivers for Such Rapid Growth in Startups

Digital Market

A global shift in buying behavior of customers from traditional means to Digital.

Internet Access

Growth of Internet and Digital Penetration into new and emerging markets.

Secure Payments

Acceptance of secure Digital Transactions for all kinds of business.

 Over $ 6.5Trillion Digital Transactions made in 2021. 

Comfort over Experience.  The Customers started Consuming both digital and physical goods at the comfort of their Homes!. This includes food, clothing, Groceries, Furniture and what not!

Every Business can generate leads through Digital Content Marketing

Why every small business Needs a Digital Presence?

To increase the presence of their brand in the Digital Real Estate. 

Your Website and Content acts like a Virtual sales agent for your business working round the clock  

More people are turning towards google for authentic recommendations.

Your Competitors are already having a digital presence and taking away your Business. 

How to Take Your Business Digital?


Build a Website

 Start with Building a Website / Local Listings. A website forms the building block of your Digital Real Estate. 


Generate Content

Follow it with creating good content in your niche through Blogs, videos on social media and other platforms. 

dIGITAL aaDS IN Bangalore

Run Ads

Run Digital Ads for reaching out to a larger customer base around the world with a filtered target audience who could be your potential customers.

“Content” is your most Loyal Sales Person, working, 24×7, 365 Days, promoting your products and Generating Leads for your business. 

What is Content Marketing ?

Generating business leads through Content in the form of Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, etc. 

What are the types of Content ?​

Text Content

Blog Writing Tips

Types: Blogs, Reviews, Captions, white papers, Product Descriptions, answers, etc

Platforms: Website Blogs, Quora, Medium, Reddit, FB, Twitter &, Linkedin, Insta Captions. E-commerce platform product descriptions

Image Content

image based content

Types:Product Photos, Posts, 

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, GMB, Twitter Listing Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Audio Content

Podcast based content

Types: Songs, Stories, Podcasts

Platforms:Audible, Storytel, Amazon music, spotify, etc

Video Content

video based content

Types:Product & Service Videos, Reviews, Explanatory content, Entertainment videos

Platform:Youtube, VImeo, Social media platforms, OTTs, etc

Understanding ‘Content Funnel’

Every Content that you write should have a particular focus. It could fall under any of the following goals. Generate leads, Create Awareness, Interest & Desire to buy a product or service. Mapping your content with the sales funnel wiill help drive relevant traffic to your content. 

Content Funnel

Industry Experts Trust Content Marketing

Image Source: @Semrush 

A good content should trigger curiosity and instill an Emotion in a reader. 

Content Should Never be Automated.

Key Numbers in Content Marketing

Ideal number of Blogs for a small Business / Startup​
Ideal Word count for a Blog so that the topic can be covered in depth.
+ Months. Tentative time for articles to start Ranking based on Niche & competition
+ Matured B2B /B2C Leads can be Generate with limited budget based on niche and other factors

What are the Elements of a great Blog?

Industry Standard Content Marketing Strategy

Keyword Research agencies india

Business Research

Do You have a business Idea? We can help you structure the idea and provide a detailed report on maturing the idea in terms of keywords, Business Potential, Competitors, etc.. Every Industry / topic revolves around certain.  keywords which aids the company to touch base with its target audience. Identifying these keywords early and ranking for them in search results helps business grow faster. We have a set process for this and we identify bottom of the sales funnel keywords for your niche before starting the writing process. 


Content Writing

Identifying the right keywords for your business is the first step towards a better search ranking. Depth of knowledge regarding a topic helps you stamp your authority amongst readers and helps search engines prioritise your article over the wide range of content already available in the world wide web. Blogging is a skill that needs from understanding for it to fetch the desired results.  


Promote your Content

Once we strike a balance in terms of covering all the broad topics within the Niche, We run ads and expand the reach of the content to a larger audience based on customer psychographics. This could be based on interest based ads and re-targeting ads so that we remain in the mind space of the potential customer

Our Content Marketing Clients

Content Marketing Agency | Mad Over Content

+ Words Delivered
+ Ranking Keywords
+ NIche Covered
+ Professional Creators

Find the Best Digital Agencies in your City! 

Our Article Samples 

Reach Us today and Grow Your Business.

FAQs in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the most effective way to drive potential customers towards your product or services in this digital world. Content marketing helps you generate Leads, Traffic and brand building even before starting a brand. It helps you test the water before diving in. 

Content marketing examples include photos & Videos on instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Blog content, Press release and answers on forums like Quora and Medium.  

Content Marketer studies the Niche, Keywords and Customer Acquisition Cost and then curates the relevant content to reach the potential customers for the Client’s Business. 

Mad Over Content ensures your content is not plagiarized using our internal tools. So you can use the content without any issues. 

A good blog content should cover all related topics and sub-topics around the Niche, making it in-depth. It should follow a structured flow along with short, easy to read and understandable language. If a content is able to push the reader to the next actionable  step, it makes up for a great content.  

Keeping the technical aspects of the website aside, A good content should tnstill an emotion and also should urge people to share. The amount of time a reader spends on the article is a good indicator for the content quality.