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15 ways to promote your brand through Instagram

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15 ways to promote your brand through Instagram

Disclaimer: The list furnished in this article does not indicate any ranking based on quality of services provided by these companies. This is just a collated list of companies operating in this industry. We do not claim any ownership of the accuracy of the data furnished in this article. The readers are requested only to use this as an information for reference and is requested to get in touch with the companies directly to understand their services and service quality. The information provided here is curated based on existing information available on public domain. Any discrepancies in data observed and suggested by readers or the companies directly shall be ammended.

15 ways to promote your brand through Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular apps for today’s generation. With over 500 million daily active users it is one of the most important social media brands that should definitely focus on. As a social media app, Instagram updates frequently to make its application works perfectly. Many times brands struggle with the ever-changing social platforms. So here are some 15 ways to promote your brand through Instagram. The importance of brand recognition in advertising cannot be overstated. The first stage in making sales is to be recognized by potential consumers or clients. Customer familiarity with the brand is a key factor in running a successful business.

By using a good combination of these ways you can definitely reach new heights for your brand.

Great bio 

Let’s start with something simple. As soon as you open your Instagram account you need to write your bio. Some brands don’t take it seriously or take it too seriously.  A bio is important for your brand. After all when someone will open your profile. It is one of the first things they will notice. Here are some tips to write a perfect bio for your brand.

1.1 Explain what your brand does 

It sure sounds simple but many brands to write quirky bio doesn’t explain what they do clearly. So the first thing for your great bio is to clearly explain what your brand does. Explain clearly so when a person sees your bio they know clearly.

1.2. Create a personality  

Customers are smart they know when a machine is writing. Today when thousands of brands exist on Instagram to promote their brand. You need to create a personality in your bio that will differentiate you between thousands of brands.

1.3. Know your target audience 

All of the above points should take great consider who’s your target customer. It’s very important to know your audience and what they like about so you can use this information to turn them into your customer.

Pick a Good profile picture

You need to pick a good profile picture to represent your brand account. A pic that immediately reminds them of your brand and helps create a connection. A good profile is really important for your brand to pop out in a customer’s eye. For a good profile, there are a few options for a brand. 

2.1. Company logo 

The company logo is always a good choice because it will immediately communicate that it’s that brand account. As a logo is also on the packaging it is one of the prominent thing customer remember about a brand.

2.2. Company mascot 

Company mascots are also a good choice for the logo as they also communicate about the brand.

Have a posting schedule 

Good consistency always make difference. It helps to differentiate between a good brand account and a bad one. Regular content posting is very important for a brand. People will forget about you if you don’t post to remind them. For that best thing is to make a posting schedule. It helps you remind when and what you should post. 

For example – You are having a Diwali sale. So for that to be successful you need to start at least 2 weeks before Diwali and regular posting about the sale and the benefits of the sale. If you just post once a week about the sale and even late then many customers won’t even know that you are having sales. And if you started late then it is very possible that your customer has already done their shopping for Diwali. So having a good posting schedule will help your customer to know about the sale and will definitely increase your sales.

Instagram stories 

Instagram stories are a popular and effective way to promote a company. It also improves the identification of followers who are active and engaged with the company.

Stories are ideal for highlighting new items, behind-the-scenes footage, and other unique parts of the company. Stories have a lot of power, and there’s a lot of interaction with them, so make sure you use them. So a brand should definitely post regularly on stories. It is an important tool to increase your connection with your followers.

Use of correct hashtags 

Hashtags help Instagram to show posts to the correct audience and it is a very important feature. But some people use an abundance of hashtags. Most of them don’t even relate to the post but it’s completely wrong and no brand you should use this method. Not only it shows to the wrong audience but it also creates a negative image. Use correct hashtags that relate to your post. Correctly using hashtags will help you reach the correct audience. Which has an interest in your types of brands.  

Another effective technique to raise a company’s profile is to use branded hashtags. They’re also a terrific tool to gauge consumer loyalty because clicking on a hashtag brings up all of the posts the hashtag was used in, both by the company and by its customers.

Engage with your audience 

Followers’ numbers won’t convert to customers if you don’t regularly engage with your audience. Increasing the number of followers on a brand’s Instagram profile isn’t enough. The followers must believe that they are being heard and that their thoughts are valued. This includes more than simply responding to their remarks on the brand page. Genuinely connects with your followers treat them with respect and even acknowledge the criticism and try their best to help them. It will create a genuine connection and will help you increase brand awareness. 

Identify the followers who promote the company on their personal accounts on a regular basis, whether through Instagram stories, reels, or genuine posts. Take the time to thank your fans for their support by reposting their posts. Engaging with your audience is an important part to increase your brand awareness.

Find your community 

Every brand has a community. You need to find them and look at the trend that is trending in that community. You need to understand people who follow this community’s likes and dislikes. So that you can make a good impression in the community. Some points that will help you.

7.1. Top influencers and top accounts of that community

It’s important to know the top influencers and top accounts of that community. 

7.2. Popular hashtags between the community 

Also, take a close look at what’s the most popular hashtag in the community. It will also help you to enter that community fast.

Post good pictures of your brand 

A brand needs to be professional with its photos. Even if a brand can’t afford a professional photographer.  They still need to make sure that the photos look good. Instagram is a photo-centric social media network. The language you write for your post is vital, but if you’re looking for a way to increase brand exposure, look to the images.

Instagram is beneficial to businesses since it allows them to market their items without looking pushy. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Because the image is doing so much work for you, you don’t need to oversell your goods. Make sure you don’t go over marketing with the photos. Let your pictures show your brands and do the work.

Good captions 

A photo won’t be complete without good captions to complement it.  Good captions are necessary for brands to convey their message. 

Some points to consider while writing captions.

9.1. Don’t be a robot

Don’t be a robot have a personality. It’s very important to not sound like a salesman. Have a little bit of fun with it.

9.2. First sentence is important 

It’s important that the first sentence caught the audience’s attention. So they will read the full caption. 

9.3.  Caption length should be considered 

Consider what you want to convey and how long should be the caption. Don’t make it too long no one in this fast living world has time to read the lengthy captions. Keep it concise. 

9.4. Call to action 

A brand’s main work is to sell its products and services. A call to action is one of the best methods to increase your sales. For example – Tellig your customer to click the link for a 20% limited discount

Use of Instagram reels 

Instagram reels are one of the newest options to increase your brand awareness. A viral reel can get thousands of views easily. Many people are only using Instagram for a long time because they are watching and it’s a perfect way to grab someone’s attention. Many brands are making quirky and cool videos to increase brand awareness and make connections with their audience. 

Points to consider to make good Instagram reels 

10.1. Instagram algorithm 

Every social media has its own algorithm. It’s not public knowledge. The Instagram Reels Algorithm has eluded us, especially when it comes to what displays as a suggested post or on the Reels Explore page. However, Instagram just provided some useful data.

What we do know about the Reels algorithm is that it favors Reels with the following characteristics:

  • Are they interesting and enjoyable? (i.e. delights people, grabs their attention, makes them laugh, or has a fun surprise or twist)
  • Are they motivating? (i.e. starts a trend that others can easily participate in)
  • Use text, filters, and camera effects to express yourself.
  • Vertical video is preferred.
  • Use unique audio you produce or discover on Reels, as well as music from the Instagram music library.
  • Are you trying anything new? Experiment with different things, be yourself and explore what works best for you. 

10.2.  Create an authentic content 

Even if you follow trends you still need to add your authentic touch. Brands need to create content that is not blatantly copying other content. Add your own flavor to your reels. 

10.3. Showcase your products 

Tell the world about your products, tell what’s the unique points about them show them why they should buy them. Again don’t go over marketing show it in a cool and funny way. Don’t make it a complete sales video add some character to it. 

  1. Engage with the influence creator

Do collaborations with other content creators. To increase brand awareness collaborations are a really good way. Many brands use other prominent users in their community or celebrity. It will help a brand to reach more audiences and help them promote brands. 

  1. Encourage your customers to make content 

If you encourage user-generated content. It will really help your increase brand awareness. Also, it will help increase brand loyalty. Making a challenge or a simple trend and asking your audience to make the content of it and then actively interacting with this content will definitely help you reach brand awareness. 

Many big brands do use this trick to raise their brand awareness and also interacting with your customer always helps to increase brand loyalty.

Use the business tools 

Instagram has only recently begun to roll out new tools for business users to help them get the most out of their accounts, and many of the resources on offer are similar to those found on Facebook business pages, including contact call-to-action solutions that allow users to directly call, text, or email your company.

Business accounts have access to analytics tools to assist them to analyse the efficacy of their Instagram marketing initiatives, in addition to contact alternatives. These “Insights” provide you access to engagement and impression statistics, which should equip you with everything you need to make smart campaign decisions in the future.

Be consistent with your brand image 

A brand has to be consistent with its image. You need to be consistent with your brand message and need to be clear about what you want to convey to customers and be consistent with it.

Analyze your insight after a set time

See if what you have done is working or if it’s not working. Checking your insights is very important. You don’t need to check regularly as it takes a certain time for content to reach the audience and many posts get attraction after some time. So it’s important to set a time to analyze your insight. 


Instagram is one of the important platforms for a brand. Its importance cannot be denied. So many brands use it to increase brand awareness. But an only a small percentage of it can use it effectively and grow to its full potential. It takes time and consistency to grow on Instagram. So be patient with it. It’s okay if things don’t work out. If you keep patience and follow these steps your brand account will definitely reach its goal.  

Following all 15 steps might sound like big work but all these steps are inter-connected. And after some time you will get accustomed to it. And will know how to do it fastly and consistently. If a brand keeps its learning attitude it will definitely gain new insights and reach new heights for its account. Instagram is really helpful for a brand to reach new heights. 


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