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Digital Marketing Strategy for your business

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A good digital marketing strategy should contain the following elements.

Thorough Keyword Research before starting

This is the first and most important aspect of your digital strategy. At this stage, you are trying to assess if there is a demand for your product or services. You can fair indication of this by getting the Search Volume, Cost per Click (CPC) of the keywords relevant to your business. Also if there are people running any ads for that keyword already 

Cover all types of Keywords: It is important that you consider the broad industry keywords for your business, from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel keywords. Educational keywords, transactional keywords, and so on. This will fetch you the overall business opportunity, Main revenue stream, and possibly additional revenue streams.

Understanding your Target Audience Psychographics

Customer Psychographics

Based on the keyword research you can get a fair indication on the demand fo your business and what kind of content you can target. But placing the right content to the right audience on the right platform at the right time is challenging. This is why you need to know the interests, demographics and other soft signals of your prospective customers. 

Read the article on customer Psychographics here  

Understanding the Buying cycle and Search Intent of users

Understanding the search intent is crucial to target the right keyword to the right prospect. The each prospect is at a different stage of the buying cycle. Some are ready to pay, while some are just exploring the options to buy a product or service

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Predict where your customers could be

Based on the nature of your business and services offered, try and understand where could your potential customers be available and what is the right platform to reach them 

  • Local Business: Restaurants, Salons, Gyms, Doctors (offline only), etc. These type of business offers products and services within a locality (Town, City, Region, etc). These types of businesses should focus more on local listing digital strategy like Google My Businees GMB, Yellow pages, Just Dial, etc 
  • Global B2C Business: E-commerce business, E-Learning, Services, etc. This type of business needs a broader Digital Strategy as the services or products could be delivered anywhere in the world. In such cases try and understand where most of your users are hanging out to consume content. Example 1. Sharing Stories – a book promotion platform is active on Content SEO through Blogs, Social media, and writers’ communities to touch base with its users. While users of other brands could be active on Youtube, twitter, news, and OTT platforms. 

Setup all analytics and remarketing tools

This is an important aspect of your digital strategy for track and improve performance over time. Setup all basic tools on your website and APP like Google Analytics, Pixel tags, Tag Manager, Google Search Console. Hot jar, etc. 

Push useful Content on the right platform

Based on the Target audience and where they are active, start pushing relevant content. to touch base with your end-users. You may target photos and video on instagram, pinterest, Youtube and facebook. Research, infographics on Linkedin, twitter, quora,etc

Pick a platform based on the age group

  1. The age group of 12–18 They are mostly active on Snapchat, Instagram, youtube, and, TikTok, based on the county you reside.
  2. The age group of 18- 35 – Youtube, Insta, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, etc
  3. The Age group 35–60 – Facebook, Youtube
  4. Irrespective of all age groups, people are active on Whatsapp.

Find the Right influencers to vouch for your brand.

If you have a good product/service many top influencers in your niche are ready to vouch for your brand and create the required credibility. Spend your budget wisely when working with the influencer. Focus on Organic Engagement ratios while comparing influencers.

Build a digital 360 Presence and also focus on building a strong Domain Authority by credible backlinks organically.

Running Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements 

Once you have enough content on all the platforms deemed appropriate for you based on the age-group and interest of the target audience. Start running PPC & Impression ads to increase reach, direct website traffic and generate leads. Pleas check this article for various types of PPC Ads available 

Do periodic technical and content Audits 

Once website is driving enough traffic and generating leads, for a smooth operations, do regular technical site audits using free tools like Google page speed , GTMatrix, google search console  etc to understand loading speed, broken links, design and layout issues, etc. and also content audit to understand keyword gap, title and description optimization etc. 

To learn more about Types of keywords check out this article.What is a Keyowrd in SEO? Explained with Examples


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