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Complete Guide on Anchor Text for your links

Anchor Text Definition

Anchor text is becoming a more critical factor of Search Engine Optimization. Anchor text helps in setting the context of the landing page even before visiting the page. All inbound and outbound links should ideally contain an anchor text for a better user experience.

What is Anchor Text and How does it impact your business?

Anchor Test by definition is the “text used to define an outbound link to another website or a different section in the same website”. It is normally highlighted in blue color which is underlined and also carries a link. When you click on the anchor text, you will be migrated to the destination of the new link.

What is an Example of an Anchor text?

Example: Mad Over Content is an amazing “Content Marketing Agency” based in India. Mad over content has served over 1million+ words for their clients over the last 4 years.

In the above example “ Content Marketing Agency” is the Anchor text and it is hyper linked to the Mad Over content website.

What is an example of wrong Usage of Anchor Text ?

Digital real estate is proving to be extremely precious and it feels absolutely wrong when once mis-uses it. The classic example of the wrong usage of Anchor text is as below

Wrong Usage of Anchor TextRight Alternative
Click HereClick here to visit “Mad Over Content”
Check the LinkCheck the link for everything about Anchor Text
Read MoreRead more on How Anchor Text is Important for SEO
Download NowDownload Better Invest App Now

Is anchor Text important for SEO?

Absolutely! Anchor text plays an important role in website SEO. This helps readers to understand the context of the new page where the link is taking you even before going to the new page.

Anchor text gives the context for search engines like google while indexing your content and displaying the relevant results to the users.

If a particular page on your article like a blog post covers a multitude of relevant topics under the niche, then, while link building, if different websites are pointing to this article with relevant keywords as Anchor text, then this article will soon start gaining authority.

Things to consider while choosing an Anchor Text

  • The Anchor Text should be relevant to landing page of the Hyper Link
  • Add the Focus keywords or related keywords in the Anchor text
  • Describe the Landing Page URL in the shortest way possible
  • Always Highlight the Anchor Text in a different Color so as to gain attention
  • Avoid Generic Anchor text like Click here, Download now, etc.
  • Try subtly placing the brand name on the Anchor Text
  • The anchor should not disrupt the flow of the sentence. It should not feel like that the anchor text does not belong there.

How to add an Anchor text ?

Most of the common document and publishing tools like google docs, wordpress, microsoft word have a very straight forward way to add an anchor text.

  • Step 1: Type the Anchor Text on the document based on the suggestions above
  • Step 2: Select the word or a phrase you wish to add an hyperlink
  • Step 3: Right click on the selected word(s) and click on insert link or click of the chain icon
  • Step 4: Copy and Paste the Link (URL) of the landing page
  • Step 5: You may select open in a new tab or decide leave it. By default it will open in the same browser window

What are the Types of Anchor Text?

Types of ANchor Text

Broadly, an Anchor text can be classified as follows

  • Branded Anchor Text: If the anchor text contains the brand name along with other things or just the brand name. Example “Visit Mad Over Content”
  • Keyword-based : This is when the Anchor text contains a keyword related to the landing page. example “Best Content Marketing Agency in India”. This is the most common type of Anchor text used. This has many variations like broad match, exact match. longtail keywords etc
  • Sponsored: When the Anchor Text carries a sponsored hyperlink. Example “Sponsored content by Uber Suggest” (Note: this is not sponsored)
  • Naked Links: This is when there is no anchor link selected and the entire URL is placed directly. This is bad for the user experience and seems like a spammy website. Example “
  • No-follow & Do-follow (mostly hyperlink related). We have written a detailed article on backlinks that cover this topic.

How to do an Anchor Text Research

There are many tools which helps you understand what your competitors are using as anchor text for their articles. Uber suggest, SEMrush, etc offers you to download and analyze the competitors backlink profile that includes the anchor text, Starting Page, Landing Page, and the URL

Anchor texta are an important part of a strong link-building process and focus on using the right anchor text on your links. On the long run this shall definitely help gain authority fo your website.

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